May 9, 2017

Living Space 150 SQ. FT.

Found in one of the most coveted areas of Downtown, Toronto, surrounded by high-end shopping, trendy restaurants and transit just a walk away, this space wasn't living up to its potential. 


Sometimes more can be just a bit too much. This was the case for this century-old coach-house living room located in the Annex. An open concept room can be difficult to furnish, and easy to over furnish which means a cramped and stuffy living room. This charming space was dark and out-dated, so the goals were to amp up the cozy, and give it a little character.


1. Add Colour 

The warm tones overwhelmed the space, so it was neutralized with some cool blues, and the coffee table introduced that light, airiness this room needed. Trying to be budget friendly, instead of purchasing a new couch, the original seating was restored, simply by using a colour appropriate cover. 


2. Repeat, repeat! 

Consistency is key. You want to echo colours, finishes and shapes. Take the coffee table for instance, the geometric shapes mimic the geometric graphic on the area rug. In the attempt to add warmth without increasing the amount of wood already present in the room, opting for a different colour wood adds variety while keeping the consistency of wood finishes. 


3. Zoned Out

Adding the area rug created a distinct zone for this open concept living room. This rug adds to the colour palette that neutralizes the overwhelming amount of hardwood throughout the living room, and the rest of the house. As well the area rug gives the illusion of more, without the need to add furniture.


Floor Plan








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